Golden Advice: "When it comes to designing a room, always
remember the rug is the color-palette that guides you through designing the perfect

We are proud to mention that we have had this family business since

1968 and take pride in presenting our exquisite inventory of handmade

Decorative, New and Antique rugs that will take you to another journey!
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We've been in business for more than 25 years

We have experience in all kinds of Oriental Rugs

We Trade-Clean-Wash-Repair all Oriental Rugs

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Direct Imports

We can provide storage and appraisal for your rugs

We have antique and modern kilims

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Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide our clients knowledge on handmade rugs and help them design the room of their
dream. We specialize in all kinds of decorative handmade rugs which you can refer to on our "Services," page  
and we are taking a further step to sell some of our popular products online.
A Family Owned Business
This is a map of Persia; former name of Iran.  The
Persians were the first Ancient-Weavers, and so the
best rugs are known to be Persian handmade rugs.  

Persian rug designs are named after the city or region
of Iran that they were made in, kind of like French
wine.  There are two categories of Persian designs,
which are city and tribal designs.

Tribal rugs are more primitive and usually have a
geometric pattern.  City rugs are more refined and
often floral in pattern.